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Permanent residence in Ukraine

permit in Ukraine
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With a permanent residence permit in Ukraine you can do a lot:

You won't need to renew this residence permit every year. Once it is issued it remains valid forever!
Your close relatives will also be able to apply for permanent residence in Ukraine.
Officially work in Ukraine. You will no longer need to receive any additional permissions.
Get customs clearance for your car at a zero rate.
This is an obligatory and the most important step on the way to Ukrainian citizenship.
You will be considered a full-fledged resident of Ukraine. And you will pay the same taxes as citizens of Ukraine do

5 simple steps to get permanent residence permit in Ukraine

You are contacting our specialist. We check your grounds. We sign a contract.
We prepare and double-check the entire package of the necessary documents.
Submission of documents for an immigration permit.
We keep your case in check at all stages. We are receiving an immigration permit
We apply for a permanent residence permit and receive it together with you.

Grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

One must have certain legal grounds for obtaining an immigration permit, and then permanent residence permit.
Here are a few examples of such grounds:

- close relatives that are citizens of Ukraine (husband / wife / children - well, for example, your child was born in the territory of Ukraine and acquired Ukrainian citizenship)

- Marriage with a foreigner who already has a permanent residence permit here

-Investment in the amount of 100,000 USD in the Ukrainian economy

- if you were born in the territory of Ukraine, but for some reason later acquired the citizenship of another country.

But do not exert yourself trying to understand all these difficulties yourself. We are always available and will explain everything to you in simple words.

The price of our services for the preparation of documents and legal support in obtaining an immigration permit is

Migration gives you incredible opportunities!

Even though it may seem that obtaining of a permanent residence permit is a difficult, and time-consuming thing, in reality everything is much easier. You do not need to stay in Ukraine while your papers are being considered. You also have the opportunity to apply for an immigration permit directly at the Ukrainian consulate in your country of residence. After receiving a permanent residence permit, you just have to take one last step to obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.
Contact us for a free consultation and calculation of the cost of the services you need!
We use an individual approach to each client to guarantee 100% success in completing all the necessary documents.
No hidden charges or fees!
Contact us via any of the indicated messengers, and your personal manager will provide you with a free consultation.

Other services

You may be visiting Ukraine for a variety of purposes. Whether it is employment, launching of you business, family reunification or study at a Ukrainian university, in any case, we can offer you the best options for formalising your documents.


Are you already married to a citizen of Ukraine, or are you just planning to propose to somebody? We advise you to find out in advance what documents you can receive on the basis of marriage and what to do for it. Will you need a visa to apply for a residence permit? Free consultation won't hurt.


Are you going to do business in Ukraine? We will help with the registration of a company, opening a representative office, bank accounts and all the necessary documents for a quick and convenient launch of your business in Ukraine.

If you are going to work in Ukraine, our team will take care of obtaining a work permit for you, drawing up an employment contract, and in the future, receiving of a temporary residence permit based on your employment here.

What are the advantages of permanent residence permit?

For example, a foreigner with a temporary residence permit cannot be employed in a Ukrainian company without receiving a separate work permit. And it entails additional costs and difficulties. A permanent residence permit completely removes such barriers. There are many more other benefits. Contact us and find out everything in detail.

How can I get grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit?

Unlike temporary residence permit, the grounds for a permanent one are much more complicated. But even if you do not have such grounds right now, we can already start working in this direction.

What is the difference between an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit?

Immigration permit is a formal document that confirms your right to immigration. It is issued on a regular A4 sheet. But this is a basic document, and on the basis of this decision a permanent residence permit is issued. We can say that these two documents are inseparable from one another. And you will not be able to obtain a permanent residence permit without an immigration permit.

Can I apply for immigration with my children?

Yes, you can do it if your children are under 18 years old.

Will I need to revew my permanent residence permit after 2, 3 or 5 years?

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine is issued in the form of a plastic card. The validity period of this card is 10 years. After 10 years, you just need to order a new card. But the residence permit itself does not lose its validity after 10 or more years. After obtaining an immigration permit - you always have a permanent residence permit.

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