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Marriage registration in Ukraine

in Ukraine
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Marriage with a citizen of Ukraine may have the following advanteges:

Serves as grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit
A child born in such marriage can also receive Ukrainian citizenship, regardless of where he or she was born - in Ukraine or abroad.
After two years in such marriage, you get an opportunity to get permanent residence permit
You can exchange your valid temporary residence permit for the same one, but issued on the basis of marriage. In this case you don't need to leave Ukraine and go for a visa.
After two years of marriage and receving of permanent residence permit, thyou get an opportunity to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

4 quick steps to register your marriage

Free consultation with our specialist
Signing of a contract, preparation of the necessary documents
Filing documents and selection of a suitable date for this important event.

You can get married very quickly in Ukraine. And the most important thing here is your legal status in Ukraine.

As a rule, it takes 1-2 days to register a marriage - from the moment of filing documents to the actual wedding.
*client pays the administrative fee for marriage registration separately

The price of our services for the preparation of documents and legal support of marriage is

However, if you are in no hurry and want to be better prepared, you can get married in 30 days.

Then the total price for our services will be only

*with no additional charges or fees
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Other services

You may be visiting Ukraine for a variety of purposes. Whether it is employment, launching of you business, family reunification or study at a Ukrainian university, in any case, we can offer you the best options for formalising your documents.

Temporary residence permit on the basis of marriage.

If you marry a citizen of Ukraine, you will have a basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit. At the same time, if you are, for example, a student, and already stay in Ukraine with a residence permit issued on the basis of study, you can exchange it for the one issued based on your marriage. And in this case you won't need to leave Ukraine and go for a visa D.


Are you going to do business in Ukraine? We will help with the registration of a company, opening a representative office, bank accounts and all the necessary documents for a quick and convenient launch of your business in Ukraine.

If you are going to work in Ukraine, our team will take care of obtaining a work permit for you, drawing up an employment contract, and in the future, receiving of a temporary residence permit based on your employment here.

If I marry a of citizen Ukraine abroad, can I get a temporary residence permit?

Yes, you can. Do not forget that you will need to translate the marriage certificate into Ukrainian, as well as most likely you will need to get a type D visa. The best option for you in this case - contact our specialist first and we will describe the whole procedure for you.

Can I marry a Ukrainian citizen if I am in Ukraine with a visa?

Yes, you can. You just need to be in Ukraine legally reargdless of the grounds of your stay.

I am a foreigner and I want to get married with a foreigner. Can we do it in Ukraine?

Yes, and it can also be done quickly. It is important that both spouses stay legally in Ukraine.

Do I need to register my marriage in a mosque, church or somewhere else?

The whole process takes place in the Ukrainian Civil Registry Offices. These are divisions of the Ministry of Justice and have nothing to do with religion. And on the contrary - marriages registered only in religious institutions on the territory of Ukraine have no legal force.

Will I need to have a certificate stating that I am not married in my country?

No, you do not need such certificate. Ukrainian legislation does not require that.

Will this marriage be recognized in other countries around the world?

Of course. If you want to confirm your marital status in the other country, it will suffice to just legalize (apostille) your marriage certificate. By the way, we can help with that as well

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