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How can I pay for your services?
We try to be as flexible as possible for our clients. We work with cash and card forms of payment. You will know exactly about all payments in advance. You will get a receipt confirming your payment.
How can you guarantee that I receive the documents I need?
We do not sell blank passports, residence permits or any other documents. All your documents are processed through Ukrainian governmental bodies. We can safely guarantee 100% quality of our services. With us, you will never find yourself in a ridiculous bureaucratic situation where you do not have some documents or signature or seal.
From whom will I get a consultation, and with whom will I work?
To date, we have more than 10 highly qualified experts in the field of migration law in Ukraine. Our employees speak 10 different languages. You will be communicate with on of the experts, and the effort of the entire team will be dedicated to your case.
I am located in a foreign country now, how can you help me?
A lot of our clients start working with us before their first arrival to Ukraine. We can support you at the very initial stages - from the preparation of documents for obtaining a visa to Ukraine and further arrival. Contact us and we will advise you about this free of charge.
I don't have grounds to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine.
It happens. But don't be upset. We believe that there are no hopeless cases. Contact us and our specialists will tell you what can be done to obtain the necessary grounds for receiving a temporary, permanent residence permit, and even citizenship.

Can I apply for a residence permit if I have no grounds?

Believe us, it only seems at first glance that you don't have an anchor in Ukraine. In fact, there are no hopeless situations. We are ready to help everyone, and we have a variety of options for citizens of different countries with a wide range of incomes.

Do I need to come to Ukraine to obtain a temporary residence permit?

Yes, temporary residence permit is issued only in Ukraine. You'll need to apply for it personally. They take pictures of you, take your fingerprints, you sign the application form - all personally. But if you are not in Ukraine yet, do not rush on that. You may need a type D visa. Better contact us in advance and we will explain you everything.

When can I apply for a residence permit?

You can submit documents no later than in 15 working days before the termination of the period of your legal stay in Ukraine. Unfortunately, it impossible to apply on the last day of your stay here. If you have questions related to the correct calculation of your stay legal stay - contact our specialist.

How long will it take to receive a residence permit?

The maximum period for consideration of your application is 15 working days. But we are trying to speed up this process for our clients.

I am not in Kyiv. Can you help me?

With pleasure! We cover all Ukraine. So no worries about it.

What are the advantages of permanent residence permit?

For example, a foreigner with a temporary residence permit cannot be employed in a Ukrainian company without receiving a separate work permit. And it entails additional costs and difficulties. A permanent residence permit completely removes such barriers. There are many more other benefits. Contact us and find out everything in detail.

How can I get grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit?

Unlike temporary residence permit, the grounds for a permanent one are much more complicated. But even if you do not have such grounds right now, we can already start working in this direction.

What is the difference between an immigration permit and a permanent residence permit?

Immigration permit is a formal document that confirms your right to immigration. It is issued on a regular A4 sheet. But this is a basic document, and on the basis of this decision a permanent residence permit is issued. We can say that these two documents are inseparable from one another. And you will not be able to obtain a permanent residence permit without an immigration permit.

Can I apply for immigration with my children?

Yes, you can do it if your children are under 18 years old.

Will I need to revew my permanent residence permit after 2, 3 or 5 years?

Permanent residence permit in Ukraine is issued in the form of a plastic card. The validity period of this card is 10 years. After 10 years, you just need to order a new card. But the residence permit itself does not lose its validity after 10 or more years. After obtaining an immigration permit - you always have a permanent residence permit.

Do I need to renounce my citizenship?

This is a rather delicate question. Now Ukraine is actively considering the question to openly allow "dual citizenship". However, as of now formal norms say that a foreigner must renounce his/her citizenship. But there are many nuances that can be interpreted in different ways. Contact our specialist and we will tell you what options are available in your particular case.

Is it possible to somehow speed up the process of obtaining citizenship? I don't want to wait for over a year!

Acceptance to the citizenship of Ukraine happens through the President of Ukraine. That is, the President himself signs the corresponding decision on your case. There are several factors that will affect the timing, but anyways, the clock is ticking, and it is better to spend it as efficiently as possible!

I speak Russian a little bit, will that be enough?

This is better than nothing. But in order to get a certificate of proficiency in the Ukrainian language at a level sufficient for communication, you will need to study up the language. But we are sure that it would not be amiss anyway.

Will I get an international passport right away?

From the moment the Presidential decree is issued and until you receive an international passport, you will also need to obtain a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine, the passport of a citizen of Ukraine itself (now, by the way, it looks like a plastic ID-card) and only then you will be able to proceed with formalizing of your international passport. It will be much easier for you to contact our expert. Better let us take care of all these details and control the whole process.

Is that possible to have the Ukrainian citizenship and live outside of Ukraine?

Yes, of course. There are no requirements as to compulsory residence in Ukraine for a certain number of days per year for citizens of Ukraine. And after receiving of a Ukrainian passport, this will apply to you as well.

If I marry a citizen of Ukraine abroad, can I get a temporary residence permit?

Yes, you can. Do not forget that you will need to translate the marriage certificate into Ukrainian, as well as most likely you will need to get a type D visa. The best option for you in this case - contact our specialist first and we will describe the whole procedure for you.

Can I marry a Ukrainian citizen if I am in Ukraine with a visa?

Yes, you can. You just need to be in Ukraine legally reargdless of the grounds of your stay.

I am a foreigner and I want to get married with a foreigner. Can we do it in Ukraine?

Yes, and it can also be done quickly. It is important that both spouses stay legally in Ukraine.

Do I need to register my marriage in a mosque, church or somewhere else?

The whole process takes place in the Ukrainian Civil Registry Offices. These are divisions of the Ministry of Justice and have nothing to do with religion. And on the contrary - marriages registered only in religious institutions on the territory of Ukraine have no legal force.

Will I need to have a certificate stating that I am not married in my country?

No, you do not need such certificate. Ukrainian legislation does not require that.

Will this marriage be recognized in other countries around the world?

Of course. If you want to confirm your marital status in the other country, it will suffice to just legalize (apostille) your marriage certificate. By the way, we can help with that as well

What do I need to do to register a company in Ukraine?

There are many nuances, and it will be difficult to explain them all in a few sentences. First of, you will need to isseue a power of attorney to authorize our experts to perform legal deeds on your behalf. This will save you a lot of time and effort, and give you the opportunity to focus on the most important thing - the business itself.

When I start earning money in Ukraine, will I have to pay taxes in Ukraine or in the country of my citizenship?

There are also many nuances here. Anyway, it's impossible to avoid paying taxes. But it is quite doable to minimize extra costs and optimize the scheme of your work as much as possible. Experienced lawyers are indispensable here.

Can I get a work permit for myself in my own company?

Yes, you can. This is a very popular option among the foreigners who do business here.

I'm a private entrepreneur and work for myself, and my business is pretty small. Are there any easier options for me?

Yes, it is possible to register you as an Individual Entrepreneur (know as FOP). Taxes will be lower and the whole process is much easier. Call us and we will tell you all the details.

Can I hire my wife and two other relatives to my own company?

Absolutely, you can. But each of them will need to receive a work permit. Contact our specialists and they will help you arrange everything quickly and in a right way.
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