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Citizenship of Ukraine

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Ukrainian citizenship gives you super advantages:

Visit almost 100 countries without visas, including most of Europe
Obtain a visa upon arrival in almost 50 countries; which means, you do not need to apply and wait for visas before your trip
Your relatives get an opportunity to obtain Ukrainian citizenship or a permanent residence permit
Work in any role in Ukraine, including in the public service. Vote in elections and be elected
Get free medical treatment in Ukraine, receive aid from Ukrainian government, social assistance, pensions and other premiums
Receive free higher education in Ukraine
This is the most valuable document that the state of Ukraine can give you.

4 most common grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship

Marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years
If you were born in the territory of Ukraine, or if at least one of your parents is a citizen of Ukraine
Holding of a permanent residence permit in Ukraine for over 5 years
Refugee status in Ukraine for more than 3 years

Become a citizen of a rapidly developing European country!

The whole path – from your first visit to Ukraine to obtaining a cherished passport – is not so long, complicated and expensive, if you go through it with Civito lawyers. With the right approach, some of the processes will run in parallel and you will be able to save precious time and money. With us you will know in advance about all the stages and nuances.

The price for our services for preparation of the package of documents to apply for Ukrainian citizenship is only

It turns out that applying for Ukrainian citizenship is not something luxurious at all.

Requirements for obtaining citizenship:
Go through the whole lengthy procedure. On average, it takes 14-16 months
Speak Ukrainian, at least at the elementary level
Get a permanent residence permit
Have legal grounds for it
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We use an individual approach to each client to guarantee 100% success in completing all the necessary documents.
No hidden charges or fees!
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Other services

You may be visiting Ukraine for a variety of purposes. Whether it is employment, launching of you business, family reunification or study at a Ukrainian university, in any case, we can offer you the best options for formalising your documents.


Are you already married to a citizen of Ukraine, or are you just planning to propose to somebody? We advise you to find out in advance what documents you can receive on the basis of marriage and what to do for it. Will you need a visa to apply for a residence permit? Free consultation won't hurt.


Are you going to do business in Ukraine? We will help with the registration of a company, opening a representative office, bank accounts and all the necessary documents for a quick and convenient launch of your business in Ukraine.

If you are going to work in Ukraine, our team will take care of obtaining a work permit for you, drawing up an employment contract, and in the future, receiving of a temporary residence permit based on your employment here.

Do I need to renounce my citizenship?

This is a rather delicate question. Now Ukraine is actively considering the question to openly allow "dual citizenship". However, as of now formal norms say that a foreigner must renounce his/her citizenship. But there are many nuances that can be interpreted in different ways. Contact our specialist and we will tell you what options are available in your particular case.

Is it possible to somehow speed up the process of obtaining citizenship? I don't want to wait for over a year!

Acceptance to the citizenship of Ukraine happens through the President of Ukraine. That is, the President himself signs the corresponding decision on your case. There are several factors that will affect the timing, but anyways, the clock is ticking, and it is better to spend it as efficiently as possible!

I speak Russian a little bit, will that be enough?

This is better than nothing. But in order to get a certificate of proficiency in the Ukrainian language at a level sufficient for communication, you will need to study up the language. But we are sure that it would not be amiss anyway.

Will I get an international passport right away?

From the moment the Presidential decree is issued and until you receive an international passport, you will also need to obtain a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine, the passport of a citizen of Ukraine itself (now, by the way, it looks like a plastic ID-card) and only then you will be able to proceed with formalizing of your international passport. It will be much easier for you to contact our expert. Better let us take care of all these details and control the whole process.

Is that possible to have the Ukrainian citizenship and live outside of Ukraine?

Yes, of course. There are no requirements as to compulsory residence in Ukraine for a certain number of days per year for citizens of Ukraine. And after receiving of a Ukrainian passport, this will apply to you as well.

Ukrainian citizenship is the final stage of your successful immigration.

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