Immigration permit

Immigration to Ukraine is the basis for the country's economic growth, attraction of additional investments and implements Ukraine's long-term goals for the development of various sectors of the economy.
Immigration can be viewed from two positions: immigration as a move to a permanent place of residence in another country, on the one hand, and immigration as a temporary change in the country of residence, on the other hand.
In jurisprudence, immigration to Ukraine implies a change in the country of residence on a permanent basis, followed by the issuance of a permanent residence permit. “Temporary immigration” is possible only when applying for a temporary residence permit, and in this case it is not entirely correct to say “temporary immigration”.
Difficulties in obtaining an immigration permit almost always arise. It is impossible to get an immigration permit immediately without problems. At any time and for any foreigner, with any citizenship and with any state of documents, unforeseen circumstances may arise.
An immigrant is a foreigner or stateless person who has received an immigration permit and arrived in Ukraine for permanent residence, or, being in Ukraine legally, received an immigration permit and remained in Ukraine for permanent residence.

Immigration or emigration (emigration). Is there a difference?

In fact, these concepts are radically different.
The concept of "immigration to Ukraine" we have considered above. In short, immigration is considered from the position of the host country as the acceptance of foreigners to itself (immigration (movement) of foreigners - non-citizens of this country to this country).
Emigration is considered from the position of the country of citizenship of a foreigner. Emigration is the movement of a foreigner from his own country to a foreign country for permanent residence.
At the same time, there is the concept of "migration". Migration is the movement, relocation of the population both within the country and from one country to another.

Beware of scammers!

Unfortunately, among our clients there were victims of scammers. They were attracted by the low cost and "speed" of providing services to "pseudo-lawyers". As a result, they found themselves without money, without documents and, among other things, with an overdue stay in Ukraine.
Since this procedure requires deep knowledge of the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as work experience, it is necessary seek help from professionals with experience in this field. Knowledge of all the subtleties of migration rights will ensure that the desired result is achieved.
Civito has many years of experience in migration matters and you can confidently entrust us with the management of your affairs.