Residence permit in Ukraine

The whole world is now talking about Ukraine, because our country has been heroically defending itself from a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation for a year now. Interest in our country is growing every day, because despite the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, our country does not stop living. Ukraine is reforming and building all possible ways to raise its economy and living standards.
Since the beginning of the war, more than 40 embassies from different countries of the world have returned to Ukraine, so more and more often you can hear the question - how to get a residence permit in Ukraine?

A residence permit in Ukraine (permit) is an identity document that confirms the legal residence (temporary or permanent) of foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons in the territory of the host country, in other words, a temporary residence permit gives the right to legalize foreigners, as well as stateless persons in Ukraine.
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine in 2023 is gaining momentum among foreigners, since the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, because Ukraine provides new prospects and opportunities in starting a business and employment in various fields. Most foreigners, stateless persons, consider Ukraine as a springboard for work, education, participation in public organizations in Ukraine, etc. Arriving in Ukraine, a foreigner / stateless persons, who often do not even know either Russian or Ukrainian, are ready and have legal grounds to receive temporary residence in Ukraine. Citizens of other countries and stateless persons are always looking for lawyers who could provide high-quality advice on all legislative nuances, select the most suitable basis for a foreigner, and also prepare the necessary documents for a residence permit in Ukraine.
The presence of certain grounds for residence in Ukraine entitles a foreigner/stateless person to obtain a residence permit:
  • residence permit based on participation in a public organization - the maximum permitted period of stay in Ukraine is 1 year, with the possibility of extension for 1 year an unlimited number of times;
  • residence permit on the basis of studying in Ukraine – the term of the residence permit is determined by the period of study;
  • residence permit on the basis of employment – the term of the residence permit is determined by the term of signing the employment contract or contract: 1 year or 3 years.
  • permanent residence permit - the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine is unlimited, but the document itself - a biometric residence permit - is subject to exchange every 10 years.
Please note that the decision to issue and issue a residence permit in Ukraine is made exclusively by the State Migration Service of Ukraine and based on the results of verification of the documents you provided.
The law firm Civito provides full legal support, as well as representation and protection of the interests of foreigners in the bodies of the migration service of Ukraine when applying for a residence permit.