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Address registration in Ukraine

in Ukraine
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Registration is a mandatory requirement not only for foreigners, but also for citizens of Ukraine.

You must be registered somewhere, at some address.
Without registration, namely registration of a place of residence, you will keep facing difficulties in banks, government agencies, etc.
If you need a permanent registration - we can offer an address in Chernihiv region for just $99 - forever
We offer the best conditions for registration of your place of residence in Kyiv for only $99/year
You won't need to go anywhere and stand in lines. Civito lawyers will do everything for you as quickly as possible.

We are also happy to help you with such small but nonetheless important issues:

Professional legal translation of documents (from English into Ukrainian and vice versa), and we can get it duly notarized if needed.
Insurance for obtaining your visa to Ukraine - for 90 days
Insurance for obtaining temporary residence permit in Ukraine - for 365 days.

You have already applied for an immigration permit or citizenship, but you do not know where your case is, what's wrong with it, at what stage is the consideration now?

We can help with this by filing an attorney's request.

You have violated the terms of your stay in Ukraine and want to know how and where to pay your fine to avoid troubles with entrance to Ukraine in the future?

Contact us, we will tell you all the details.

Any questions about getting your child's birth certificate?

No worries - we will do everything.

Do you need to dissolve a marriage registered in Ukraine?

There are two options, through the registry office or through the court. But we can help in both instances.

Do you want to get Ukrainian citizenship for your new-born child?

We love helping our youngest citizens!

Any questions about formalizing an invitation to Ukraine?

We are ready to answer all your questions.

Have about crossing the border at the airport?

We have just a super great offer that will definitely interest you. Call to find out details.

Don't have an address to register your new company? Can't find a suitable director?

And even here, we have something to offer to you.

You are a founder of a company, but it no longer works? Not sure how to properly close a non-working business?

Our lawyer will easily relieve you of these worries.

We will help you to open a bank account in Ukraine. We can give an advisory opinion related to purchsing of an apartment or land in Ukraine.

It would be better to check your counterpart in advance. And our lawyer can accompany the transaction at every stage. Believe us, there is no need to risk big money. Better spend a small part of it and sleep well.

The price of our services for registration of your place of residence in Kyiv is only

Got in trouble with the Ukrainian police? Migration Service or Security Service?

We will not leave you alone. Our lawyers are ready to fight for each client.

Got a lawsuit against you, or maybe you want to sue someone to achieve justice?

We will be proud to represent your interests in court.
Save money and energy - contact the best specialists in the field.

Civito experts have been helping foreigners for almost 10 years, and we are familiar with the situations and problems that foreigners confront. But the most important thing - we just perfectly know how to solve them.

Contact us for a free consultation and calculation of the cost of the services you need!
We use an individual approach to each client to guarantee 100% success in completing all the necessary documents.
No hidden charges or fees!
Contact us via any of the indicated messengers, and your personal manager will provide you with a free consultation.

Other services

You may be visiting Ukraine for a variety of purposes. Whether it is employment, launching of you business, family reunification or study at a Ukrainian university, in any case, we can offer you the best options for formalising your documents.


Are you already married to a citizen of Ukraine, or are you just planning to propose to somebody? We advise you to find out in advance what documents you can receive on the basis of marriage and what to do for it. Will you need a visa to apply for a residence permit? Free consultation won't hurt.


Are you going to do business in Ukraine? We will help with the registration of a company, opening a representative office, bank accounts and all the necessary documents for a quick and convenient launch of your business in Ukraine.

If you are going to work in Ukraine, our team will take care of obtaining a work permit for you, drawing up an employment contract, and in the future, receiving of a temporary residence permit based on your employment here.

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